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  • Bring On The Spring Vibes With A Spring and Summer Rose' Negroni

         We've been through a "Bomb Cyclone", some "Thunder Snow" and a few Nor'easters.  We're not sure what the weather is going to bring each year, but one thing is for sure, we can't wait for Spring to bloom and enjoy the outdoors again.  And what better way to bring it on then to call it upon us by having one of my new creations and delicious cocktail that I like to call the "Rose Negroni".  It's begs Spring to come on in and save us so we can enjoy this cocktail from now Winter. 

         The "Rose Negroni", just like any Negroni, can be made bitter, sweet, smoky, citrusy and delightful.  With equl parts, Gin, Cocchi Rosa and Dolin Blanc with a lemon twist, this cocktail will leave you saying "I'm gonna have to have another".  Each spirit adds to the layer and taste that will set your palette on a voracious journey that will make you kick your shoes off, lay back and enjoy the sun. And if you happen to be in a tropical paradise, that doesn't hurt. 


    1 oz Dorothy Parker Gin

    1 oz Cocchi Rosa

    1 oz Dolin Blanc

    Glass: Rocks

    Garnish: Lemon Twist

         Like any recipe when cooking or baking, the ingredients are very specific when you want it to come out its very best, otherwise you compromise the integrity of what your making.  The Gin used will be very important as it sets the tone for the drink and makes the experience pleasureable as opposed to forgettable or undistinguished. I prefer Dorothy Parker Gin from the New York Distilling Company. Named after Dorothy Parker who was a New Yorker known for her satire, was an activist, journalist, writer and poet. She was originally born Dorothy Rothschild and was born in West End New Jersey (hey you can totally Wikipedia this). All of the botanicals, elderberry, hibuscus petals, citrus and honey notes make this Gin so unique and tasty. To check out more of the New York Distiling Company's products you can check out their webite, New York Distilling Company.

         Next is the Cocchi Rosa, created in 1891 by Giulio Cocchi (who also created Cocchi Torino and Americano).  The name "Americano" s due to the process in which the alcohol is made bitter ("Americato") by the addition of herbs and spices added and to the American habit of drinking vermouth with ice and soda.  Cocchi Rosa is produced with red wine with rose notes and a hint of vanilla. It has a bitter sweet taste that tames the cocktail. You can find out more about Cocchi here.

         Then add the Dolin Blanc to seal the deal. With it's citrusy notes, which compliments the lemon twist, it adds body to the cocktail, while the Cocchi Rosa, mellows it out. Dolin vermouths are usually lighter and drier, and used in many tradiitonal cocktails. Dolin dry, Dolin Rouge, and Dolin Blanc have been around and produced in Chambery in the center of the French Alps. Vermouth is an aromatized wine including herbs, plants,  grape spirits and sugar. This process dates back to the Ancient Greeks who wanted conceal or obscure bad wine which later turned out to be a process that made good wine better, or have medicinal properties. 

         There's definitely a trend with these spirits. They will make you feel...spiritual?  With all bad jojes aside, each of these spirits have botanicals and citrus in them.  You can enjoy them by themselves with a cube of ice, or mix them with their counterparts. Either way this drink will go down in history. A perfect compliment to New York, but more importantly, I dedicate this drink to the #metoo movement for all powerful and fierce women out there. 


    Fall is one of my favorite seasons...well, I really like all seasons for one reason or another. Nothing feels better about Fall then finally layering up, smelling the cold air drop in (finally) and having a Fall/Winter drink. In this case, this is a modified Old Fashioned I started making a year ago, and is now my "go to" drink of the season accompanied by a special large ice cube that not only makes it chill out, but it also makes the drink change and get better over time.  How, you ask?

    I call  this, the Inverno (Winter). Well for starters, the ice cube is Maple-Cinnamon infused with a dash of nutmeg and an orange twist expressed into the cube.... Oh yeah, I forgot about the Juniper Berry you drop in to freeze with the cube. When making this drink, it starts off as an Old Fashion mixing 3-4 dashes of Angustura bitters, a Dash of Regan's, with a half ounce of Ciociaro Amaro then add Buffalo Trace Bourbon. The Ciociaro has a sweet taste, just as that of a demerara cube, only with alcohol. And it has other secret ingredients including a bitter orange citrus, 60 proof from the province of Lazio in the central region in Italy.  It packs a punch and is not easily found around the neighborhood. What I love about Buffalo Trace is that it has a bite, with a smooth finish. As the Maple-Cinnamon cube starts to melt, it makes the drink slowly evolve over time. It's like Thanksgiving and Christmas in a rocks glass that will make your Aunt Jane forget that she gift wrapped a family heirloom only to remember she gift wrapped it while having this drink,
    Here's the recipe for the cube and the drink:
    Maple-Cinnamon Infused Cube
    In one quart container, and one large ice cube tray (makes about 8 cubes)
    -3-4.5 oz of Maple Syrup (depending on how sweet you want your cube
    -About one Demitasse of Cinnamon powder 
    - A dash of nutmeg
    - Pour hot water into the quart and let sit for 20-25 minutes
    - Use a strainer to sift out cinnamon and nutmeg
    - Pour the syrup into ice tray
    - Take orange twists and express (squeeze the juice out of the rind) put in ice tray
    - Drop 2-3 Juniper berries into ice tray
    - Let cubes freeze 
    Old Fashioned Italian 
    3-4 dashes Angustura Bitters
    1 dash Regan's Bitters  
    1/2 oz CioCiaro
    1.5oz Buffalo Trace
    Mix and pour onto Maple-Cinnamon infused large cube and ENJOY!
  • Freelancing for CESD's Print Division!

         During this past summer I met the CESD's print division, Kerri Krilla and team.  While I was in the elevator going up their office's I didn't know what to expect, (I was little nervous, but more excited than nervous). As I got off the elevator I could feel the air around me was full of powerful energy. Professionals, actors, print models,  and artists alike.  I signed in and sat down and waited.  Each minute that went by felt like a long moment in time. A woman came out the beautiful glass doors that go into the office where I was waiting to meet the print division. She was an older woman that they decided to freelance and she was signing her papers right there.

         Now I was getting excited and just putting it out there to the universe, that whatever happens, happens.  When I go in, if they like me and it's the right fit, then I will be happy and will mark a new page in my life. But, if I wasn't the right fit and it didn't work out, then I would understand and just keep workin hard and working at it.

         My name was called and it was now my turn to go through those same beatiful doors. As I walked through, you could see lots of agents working hard and tirelessly.  They were on the phones, going through paperwork, some looked like they were brainstorming.  It was very busy and I got to catch a glmipse of what it was like to be at one of the top agencies in the world.

         I was brought in and was sat down in a conference room that was full of light from the windows. I took out my porfolio as I was asked to bring and asked some questions about who I am and what my goals were. I felt a tremendous amount of good energy and I was completely confident about who I was and what I was doing there.  The conversation wasn't long, and before I knew it, a stack of papers came out so I could freelance with them. They loved my pictures, (and I'm "assuming" they liked me).  After I was done with the paperwork, I left with a sense of accomplishment.  And full of good energy as I got inside to this agency and left with a different light, a different path.  

         I don't know where this path will bring me, or what will happen, but I'm looking forward to the opportunities that will come out of this.  I'm looking forward to becoming something great to myself, and share it with the world.