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  • Freelancing for CESD's Print Division!

         During this past summer I met the CESD's print division, Kerri Krilla and team.  While I was in the elevator going up their office's I didn't know what to expect, (I was little nervous, but more excited than nervous). As I got off the elevator I could feel the air around me was full of powerful energy. Professionals, actors, print models,  and artists alike.  I signed in and sat down and waited.  Each minute that went by felt like a long moment in time. A woman came out the beautiful glass doors that go into the office where I was waiting to meet the print division. She was an older woman that they decided to freelance and she was signing her papers right there.

         Now I was getting excited and just putting it out there to the universe, that whatever happens, happens.  When I go in, if they like me and it's the right fit, then I will be happy and will mark a new page in my life. But, if I wasn't the right fit and it didn't work out, then I would understand and just keep workin hard and working at it.

         My name was called and it was now my turn to go through those same beatiful doors. As I walked through, you could see lots of agents working hard and tirelessly.  They were on the phones, going through paperwork, some looked like they were brainstorming.  It was very busy and I got to catch a glmipse of what it was like to be at one of the top agencies in the world.

         I was brought in and was sat down in a conference room that was full of light from the windows. I took out my porfolio as I was asked to bring and asked some questions about who I am and what my goals were. I felt a tremendous amount of good energy and I was completely confident about who I was and what I was doing there.  The conversation wasn't long, and before I knew it, a stack of papers came out so I could freelance with them. They loved my pictures, (and I'm "assuming" they liked me).  After I was done with the paperwork, I left with a sense of accomplishment.  And full of good energy as I got inside to this agency and left with a different light, a different path.  

         I don't know where this path will bring me, or what will happen, but I'm looking forward to the opportunities that will come out of this.  I'm looking forward to becoming something great to myself, and share it with the world.