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    Fall is one of my favorite seasons...well, I really like all seasons for one reason or another. Nothing feels better about Fall then finally layering up, smelling the cold air drop in (finally) and having a Fall/Winter drink. In this case, this is a modified Old Fashioned I started making a year ago, and is now my "go to" drink of the season accompanied by a special large ice cube that not only makes it chill out, but it also makes the drink change and get better over time.  How, you ask?

    I call  this, the Inverno (Winter). Well for starters, the ice cube is Maple-Cinnamon infused with a dash of nutmeg and an orange twist expressed into the cube.... Oh yeah, I forgot about the Juniper Berry you drop in to freeze with the cube. When making this drink, it starts off as an Old Fashion mixing 3-4 dashes of Angustura bitters, a Dash of Regan's, with a half ounce of Ciociaro Amaro then add Buffalo Trace Bourbon. The Ciociaro has a sweet taste, just as that of a demerara cube, only with alcohol. And it has other secret ingredients including a bitter orange citrus, 60 proof from the province of Lazio in the central region in Italy.  It packs a punch and is not easily found around the neighborhood. What I love about Buffalo Trace is that it has a bite, with a smooth finish. As the Maple-Cinnamon cube starts to melt, it makes the drink slowly evolve over time. It's like Thanksgiving and Christmas in a rocks glass that will make your Aunt Jane forget that she gift wrapped a family heirloom only to remember she gift wrapped it while having this drink,
    Here's the recipe for the cube and the drink:
    Maple-Cinnamon Infused Cube
    In one quart container, and one large ice cube tray (makes about 8 cubes)
    -3-4.5 oz of Maple Syrup (depending on how sweet you want your cube
    -About one Demitasse of Cinnamon powder 
    - A dash of nutmeg
    - Pour hot water into the quart and let sit for 20-25 minutes
    - Use a strainer to sift out cinnamon and nutmeg
    - Pour the syrup into ice tray
    - Take orange twists and express (squeeze the juice out of the rind) put in ice tray
    - Drop 2-3 Juniper berries into ice tray
    - Let cubes freeze 
    Old Fashioned Italian 
    3-4 dashes Angustura Bitters
    1 dash Regan's Bitters  
    1/2 oz CioCiaro
    1.5oz Buffalo Trace
    Mix and pour onto Maple-Cinnamon infused large cube and ENJOY!